Wooden trestle

Southern yellow pine & screws, August 2010
700x250x720mm high assembled / 700x70x105mm dismantled.

Currently self produced in limited batches. 
Price: £170 a pair Southern Yellow Pine; £220 a pair in Oak or Ash excl P&P. 
Bespoke table tops can made to order, typically in solid timber or a lino surface on ply with a timer edge.

Please email for a quotation.

Drawing upon the carpenters’ saw-horse as a source of reference, this trestle is a lighter more refined version in which the customary plywood bracing patches at the top of the legs which resist splaying, are replaced by a simple overlapping leg detail.

A single screw joins the legs into pairs which then screw fix in a scissor like fashion into slots in a top rail. They can be nested together when not in use or easily dismantled and stored or shipped as a compact bundle of parts. 

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