Screw-top leg stool

Beech, 330 wide x 275 deep x 440 high (120 x 430 x 90 unassembled)

This stool is an interpretation of a traditional wooden milking stool I saw during my NKD residency in Norway.  Historically such stools were made by knocking seasoned timber legs through holes bored in freshly cut timber seat parts which then shrank as they dried to create tight fit.  If necessary, timber wedges could also be added to the tops of the legs where they emerge through the seat to secure them further (or to prevent them coming loose over the years).

Our stool has the same components as these traditional stools: a pair of seat timbers & connecting rails with legs that join them all without glue or fixings. However all the timber is seasoned beech.  A thread is cut into the tops of the legs which pass through the rails and screw into the underside of the seat. The legs are splayed for stability & the seat timbers are angled to give a more comfortable profile.  The slot for easy lifting of the stool is created by the gap between the seat elements. 

The stool is intended for self assembly & the components are dimensioned to pack into a neat bundle for compact storage & shipping.