Royal Holloway table

We were approached by a conservator within a university art collection archive to create a table which could be used at two different heights. The archivists who needed stand at the table to work, and by groups of students, seated for study and seminars.

We produced a large 3m x 1.2m table with a white matt laminate surface and oak edges and structure. The legs connect to the tabletop framework with a folded steel corner brace bracket and are splayed at 7deg to give the table a stable poise.

The table can be transformed from 750mm height to 900mm by the addition of a longer L shaped outer leg ‘stilt’ section that fits over the outer faces of the original leg. A steel pin in the top of a ‘stilt’ block at the base the taller outer leg locates into a hole in the foot of the the original leg and two fixings at the top of each leg secure the two together.

The table height can be easily modified by one person by simply lift each end of the table and adding the outer leg ‘stilts’

180424 Royal Holloway table-4510.jpg
180424 Royal Holloway table-4511.jpg
180424 Royal Holloway table-4513.jpg
180424 Royal Holloway table-4514.jpg
180424 Royal Holloway table-4569.jpg
180424 Royal Holloway table-4551.jpg
180424 Royal Holloway table-4550.jpg
180424 Royal Holloway table-4548.jpg
180424 Royal Holloway table-4571.jpg
180424 Royal Holloway table-4556.jpg