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Photographers house - furniture

We were asked by Hugh Strange Architects to work together with them to design and fabricate a series of large scale furniture pieces for a new open plan family room within a house they were designing for a photographer and her family. The furniture was conceived as a timber lining to the perimeter walls of the new room that formed a consistent datum between different volumes of the space.

The warmer, softer timber joinery stands in counterpoint to the harder concrete floor, plaster walls and steel frame structure.

Built from 2m x 5m Siberian Larch Tri-ply panels the large scale of the of the pieces is emphasised by long unbroken surfaces and rich continuous grain pattern. The end grain of the solid larch strip core is sanded to a fine finish, oiled and expressed throughout as an integral part of the tectonic language of the pieces. The door pulls for the kitchen cupboards and sitting room storage units were turned bespoke and stained to ‘rhyme’ with the knots on the crown cut Larch ply panel faces

Due to very restricted access to the site, all elements were prefabricated in our workshop and assembled on-site using discreet ‘knock down’ fixings.

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