RHS Chelsea Flower Show Niwaki

Niwaki Pavilion, RHS Chelsea Flower Show

May 2017

Niwaki’s pavilion at Chelsea Flower Show amalgamates key elements of our design of Niwaki’s new showroom and workspaces in Wiltshire and our previous designs for their trade shows.  Retaining the distinctive visual language we have built for Niwaki, the centrally positioned temporary pavilion displays hand forged Japanese secateurs, loppers and knives in shallow Douglas fir trays, which needed to be accessible from all sides.  We repurposed a lightweight breather fleece lining, which we used to clad both the interior and exterior roofing panels in a mottled silver coloured waterproof membrane.  This material and the overhanging wide eaves protect the integrity of the wooden structure, as well shielding products and staff from the elements.  Round paper lanterns are hung at intervals between the trusses, a theme established in Niwaki’s showroom. Surrounded by cloud-pruned Arizona cypresses, the design made the most of a tight plot as well as providing substantial amounts of low-level shelving and concealed storage to contain stock. 

The pavilion was designed and built in our London workshop. Niwaki’s stand was awarded four stars at Chelsea Flower Show.  

Photos by Simon Jones Studio


Niwaki Chelsea-3355_lr.jpg