Niwaki 3


40 Douglas Fir Boxes 400 x 800 x 74mm high, June 2015. 

We were asked by a Japanese tool retailer to design an exhibition stand to display their products at a 3 day show in London.

Using quarter sawn Douglas Fir in reference to the traditional Japanese Cyrus joinery, we established an elegant and subtly coloured material backdrop for the tools to be displayed upon.

The stand was designed as a flexible and reconfigurable kit of just 4 different parts. 800 x 400 x 74mm deep trays. A 460mm wide support frame with shelf rails. A 300mm wide support frame, and an angled wedge element.

The tray element is a modular component that can be used in a number of different configurations and as either a horizontal surface or vertical surface, landscape or portrait, and open or closed. Holes through the sides of the tray have a threaded insert located halfway into the depth and enable fixing from both sides with bolts, or fixings with woodscrews.

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