Bracket chair - ply

Bracket Chair

405 x 480 x 760H
Ash, ash veneered ply, steel brackets, (optional) upholstered seat pads

A chair developed as part of our work at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart for the new cafe and bar.
The design is based upon a folded steel bracket used throughout this furniture range which connects the legs to the ply seat plate. The legs are attached to the brackets with euroscrews, and the brackets are attached to the ply seat and back pieces with aluminium rivets. Optional upholstered seat and back pads can be overlaid on the ply and riveted to the brackets during assembly also.

The chair was designed a simple, small footprint chair that could be part built in our workshop and assembled and finished during a series of workshops at the Künstlerhaus by staff and volunteers. Over the course of several visits we oversaw the making of around 40 chairs along with stools, tables, and upholstered seating modules.

Bracket Chair - Orange Seat Pad
Bracket Chair - Yellow Seat Pad
Bracket chair - Orange seat and back pad
Bracket chair - Yellow Seat & Back Pad
Bracket chairs front view.jpg
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