Folding Ply Bench

18mm Birch plywood, August 2010
1500 x 295 x 400mm high open / 1500 x 350 x 36mm thick folded

The folding plywood bench is derived from a very simple bench typology where a long board is supported on legs at either end and stiffened by a vertical beam in between. 

However in this design the legs can be folded inwards up against the underside of the bench seat & secured in position when the beam is then folded flat against the underside as well.  A simple plywood clip at either end of the beam allows the legs to lock in an open position when the bench is unfolded. To fold the bench, the clip is simply compressed to release the legs & the assembly can then be folded flat for storage or transportation.

The benches seat three adults & are very stable & strong. The folded package is just two layers of plywood deep & can be easily carried by the cutout handle in the centre of the beam. At only 36mm / 1.5 inches thick each, a 6ft stack of the benches can seat 150 people when opened up. 

The benches are ideal for cafés, schools, performance spaces, galleries, talks, or just as extra seating in the home which can be stashed beside the ironing board, or under the sofa when not required.