122 Folded along wall table.jpeg

ELMO Folding table & bench

Oiled birch plywood with black Japan hinges, June 2013
Table: 1360 x 630 x 720mm high assembled / x 54mm high folded 
Bench: 1360 x 300 x 420mm high assembled / x 54mm high folded


A further adaptation of the BB tables and benches made for a travelling arts workshop within a converted mobile library bus. Birch ply was used to match the interior of the bus & the tabletops are a single piece of ply rather than slatted to give a consistent working surface.

122 Open table and bench.jpeg

The bus will travel around the new Queen Elizabeth Park over the course of the next year and open up to stage a variety of free creative workshops from screen printing & letter press to performance & musical instrument building.

122 Open stacked table and benches.jpeg

The project was part of the Olympic legacy programme commissioned by the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as part of their Arts & Culture programme and co-funded by Arts Council England.  The bus interior was designed by Studio Weave.

122 Open arranged.jpeg
122 Open along wall.jpeg
122 Folded stack of tables and benches.jpeg