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Atrium display System, The Design Museum, London

August 2017

We were commissioned to design and produce a system to facilitate changing displays in the central atrium space of the newly refurbished Design Museum.  The proposal addresses the limitations imposed by the fine oak veneer lined wall panels of the space, and the desire to show more than just framed 2D work hung from the high level aluminium picture rails incorporated in all the Museum's walls.  Our solution is a kit of limited parts that can be configured in numerous ways to create vertical and horizontals vitrines, wall panels, light boxes and monitor screens etc. We developed and structural post that can be fitted in compression between the floor and the picture rail, over which a carefully detailed Valchromat cover post is then slotted. Between these then fit different length horizontal shelves that support panels, vitrines or objects. The detailing of the system has be resolved in such a way that no visible fixings are exposed, and the light grey Valchromat sheet appears solid and monolithic  

This is first test of a what is intended to be a larger and more expansive modular display solution. 

Photos by Simon Jones Studio

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