Control, Steven Willats 1962 - 1969

Raven Row 23rd January - 30th March 2014

Our involvement focused on the design of a sequence of spaces in the two principal galleries which enabled sculptural works with flashing coloured lights to be shown in near darkness and drawings and prints to be shown in daylight.

Taking reference from a labyrinthine exhibition designed by Willats at Modern Art in Oxford in 1968 to display many of the same works in this exhibition, we created a series of walls that extended up around the gallery rooflight openings or alongside and up to ceiling downstands to form a sequence of intimately scaled daylight rooms and darker surrounding spaces.

We designed and oversaw the prefabrication of interlocking wall panels to enable everything to be constructed within the short installation period. Thinner walls and expressed vertical joints between panels subtly differentiated the walls of the installation from those of the gallery.

Photos 1,2,3,4 by SJ, 5,6,7,8 by Marcus J Leith