Borough Kitchen


We were contacted by a client starting a new venture opening his first kitchenware shop stocking the best and most useful culinary items. The location for the shop was a newly built triangular unit with double height glazing on two sides on the edge of London's Borough Market. 

We reoriented the wc to greatly improve the clarity of the shop floor and were able to create mezzanine level above with storage and admin desk overlooking the shop. 

In line with the spirit of the store, the material palette is simple but of high quality. Oiled walnut, painted plywood and raw black steel. 

The floor is walnut end grain parquet. A nod to the butchers block chopping board. The budget didn't stretch to laying individual blocks of parquet we so instead asked the shop fitters to cut 20mm slices from walnut worktops and lay them end grain up. The result was an impressive and hardwearing floor surface which pleasing revealed clues to its origin when the cut went through a finger joint of the walnut staves producing a stripy block.

107_Scan 15.jpeg